How to Check Out and Read a Library Book on the iPad

No shit!  You can finally check out and read library books on your iPad.  This is just a fantastic development for readers everywhere.  **Note to everyone reading this**  I'm sure there is a sinister plot by Amazon but as far as I can tell (so far!) you don't have to spend any money to use the service.  You need a library card from your local library, and an iPad running the Kindle app.  Coolness.

A short video explaining the service.  A text version with instructions here.

Oh... you do need a valid Amazon account to use this service as well.  Maybe that's the evil empire way they auger in.  I'll report back once I get the hang of it.  If you have used this service please post a comment with your experience so far.  Thx!

Dragon Tattoo American version coming soon...

Wow I really hope this doesn't suck.  The Swedish movie adaptation of the Stieg Larsson novels is just so fantastic.  From watching the preview the American version at the very least looks thrilling.  The director David Fincher was responsible for one of my favorite movies, The Game, so who knows it could be awesome.

Lisbeth Salander Swedish version, Noomi Rapace.

Lisbeth Salander American version, Rooney Mara.

In Theaters late December.

Totally not relevant at all but thought I'd throw it in.  The Game was an fantastic movie directed by David Fincher and starring Michael Douglas.  A noir thriller set in my favorite town, San Francisco, the movie is kinda scary and messes with you.  In a good way...

Burning vans, graffiti, internet weirdness...

Below is Christine Hewitt recently her van with all her belongings went up in flames.  I imagine this is an awful experience, she is a photographer and lost her hard drives with all her work.

I bumped into her blog, Me Van Bike, while wandering around lost on the internet.  I'm not sure about her adventures but her last post was such a fantastic idea I just had to repeat it here.  All natural graffiti, imagine if all that ugly, spray painted, tagging/blight was instead carefully curated messages made of moss.  I know it is kind of an insane dream but I love it.  

Me, Van, Bike, posts about this fabulous idea here.  I bumped into her blog from this other dude who I suspect is a hipster camper person.  It turns out an entire eco system full of nostalgia for old Danner boots and 70's camping equipment catalogs exists. Who knew..?  It seems pretty cool check it out.  Cold Splinters.  You can even buy a new (made in Portland) pair of shorts modeled after the old Boy Scouts shorts.  That has hipster written all over it.