Amazing Nature Photographs

National Geographic Magazine has announced it's winners for the 2010 contest.  See the pictures here.

I'm a surfer so this picture has particular meaning for me.  Awesome..!

A storm cell like no other.  Wow!

The First Great Movie Of 2011

I saw the Coen brothers latest movie True Grit last night.  WOW... what an excellent film.  Their adaptation is much closer to the book and follows the protagonist Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) faithfully.   I enjoyed Mattie's plucky spirit,  and the language style used by the actors.  The most striking was the way the film incorporated the natural surroundings to convey the mood of the film. I don't want to spoil it for you, just go see True Grit.  For an in-depth critique read David Carr's review for the NYT.

True Grit Trailer 2010  

Once you see the most recent True Grit come back and watch the original trailer below, I think you'll get a kick out of it...

Original True Grit Trailer

A Winter Book Review By Hendrik Morkel

I have recently discovered an excellent website about UL backpacking and "bushcraft" written by a man named Hendrik Morkel.  If your into UL backpacking and wilderness your in for a treat.  I recommend reading his weekly reports as a good place to start.  Recently he reviewed the book "Allen & Mikes Really Cool Backcounty Ski Book" You can read the review on his website Hiking in Finland.

I have always enjoyed Mike Clelland's drawings, their awesome!

The artist Mike Clelland in his natural habitat

Winter break reading update.

It's winter break and I'm looking for a new book to read.  No more textbooks and studying for tests just pure reading bliss.  My buddy Mike Johnson, recommend "Columbine" by Dave Cullen (NYT review here).  I tried but unfortunately I couldn't get into it.  Cullen writes well and the story of how the two boys came to attempt a domestic terrorist attack is compelling but... depressing as all get out.  When my attention starts to drift I follow the great Nancy Pearl's advice.  She says, "if your not liking what your reading by 50-100 pages, PUT IT DOWN."  Her point it that with so many good books to read, don't waste your time on something you not enjoying.

Did you know she has a action figure.  How many librarians do you know with their own action figure?  Crazy right..  It sits at my desk on a shelf and reminds me to read!

Well, I'm off to my local book store to find something else to read, I'll keep you posted.  

Brian Vernor has a blog.

My old friend Brian Vernor is actually doing shit.  He works incredibly hard and produces bona fide film art.  Below is a shot from his blog,  an article of Brian and Rick Hunter using rail bikes for a German magazine NEON magazin. Check him out...

brian vernor making blog

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

I finished "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell and am enthralled with this author.  In June I read a review of his new book in the NYT Magazine and having never heard of him but curious from the postive review purchased and read "Cloud Atlas."  Boy am I glad I did!  And you should to, here is what my mom (a career librarian) said after taking my advice and reading "Cloud Atlas."
"What an amazing tour-de-force!  Mitchell is a really talented writer to be able to write so                    convincingly in different voices and in different genres.  I was pretty confused initially, since I couldn't figure out how everything was related (and I don't think I know that yet), but I got swept away by his storytelling.  I think the overriding theme is the cruelty and power-hungriness of individuals and the soul-numbing effects of corporations.  Even so, the actions of brave individuals can have a positive effect on those around them, even if the world as a whole is still an awful place.  I think it's sort of a call to action, even in the face of overwhelming odds."

Still not convinced?  How about reading what Michiko Kakutani thinks of his latest book, "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet." 

In case you need help recognizing "Cloud Atlas" when perusing the used section at your local bookstore.

Trust me on this one, your going to love it... Just in case your still on the fence here are a few more reviews

Half Dome

We did a quick trip up Half Dome in Yosemite.  It was Racine's first time and we got lucky with a bluebird day to fully enjoy what the Sierra have to offer.

Racine enjoying the view on the way up. 

Our first view of the cable section.

Topping out on the cables. 

The diving board!

Backcountry Boiler

This stove is absolutely incredible.  A craftsmen named Devin Montgomery makes the Backcountry Boiler, check it out...

How to pitch a tarp

I follow the motto "when all else fails read the instructions."  Trying to pitch a tarp in an efficient way has left me puzzled and frustrated so I gave up and went to Google U.  This dude has an easy, fast, way to get a taught pitch every time.  Check it out...

Sucker Punch..!

I'm totally stoked for this movie it's going to be so amazing.  In theaters March 25, 2011.  Watch the trailer below, so fucking cool..!

The Girls of Sucker Punch

Madam Gorski is my favorite... 

Check it out, I'll see you in line at the IMAX on March 25!

Vogue Paris by Mert & Marcus, October 2010

Racine brought this home and Lara Stone has been staring at me from the coffee table.  I like the lips and teeth thing...

Black Swan

As soon as I'm done with final exams my wife and I are going to see this movie. She has been dying to see it. A review at NPR by David Edelstein is not so good... But the director also made The Wrestler so how crappy can it be? 

Edit:  Movie is total crap.  My review, Carrie + Showgirls = Black Swan.  

Moore as a blond

Just incredible, you can see the rest here...

Pirelli Calendar 2011

This year's photographer is Karl Lagerfeld. Check out the entire calendar, Julianne Moore looks fantastic...

Paris Vogue

Moore x 2. I think it's awesome that at age 48 she can look this good...

New York Times Magazine cover

Two different covers for the same week. Our copy had the stage makeup picture, love it!