A Song of Ice and Fire, a book review.

Why would a seemingly sane person read fantasy you might ask? Yes I wonder that same question as I plow through the George RR Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire.  It is a monster of it's own at 4,200 pages of super dense, vastly complicated, absolute crap.  Unfortunately I feel compelled to finish what I started.  This entire misadventure in reading is the fault of my friend MJ.  I wound up trapped in my tent for a stormy weekend during a bike tour and all I had was the first novel of the series.  You might think, ohh.. that sounds grim and you would be right.  What a miserable couple of days.  
Here is what this series boils down to; Ye old medieval place, aristocracy soap opera with a bunch of ridiculous names and silly outfits.  Anyway I am writing this to plead with everyone to NOT start this series.

Winter is coming... you bet it is!

An example of how one dimensional and utterly boring this series is.  One of the main families, the Starks live in the far north a "winter-land."  Get it?, a Stark landscape.  Ah ha ha... I'm warning you!

A review that mirrors my sentiments exactly here

One and only one concession to this brain drain. 
Eddard Stark you are missed.  RIP brother...

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