November vacation

I spent Thanksgiving in Seattle.  It was cold but miraculously it did not rain.
If you are in the boonies, I mean Seattle, this coffee shop is awesome. I got compleatly ripped on their excellent espresso and was able to study in peace. FYI they have WiFi, even on the weekends!
coffee shop
My Mom, bless her heart, is always coming up with family outings.  Seattle has a new sculpture garden and she was excited to have us all check it out.  Of course this was met with some skeptisim, sculpture garden?  Mom, come on ...  But lo and behold the place was totally cool.  It's not often that a city will give up square footage for open space, way to go Seattle.   

sculpture garden
My Grandma grew up in Idaho, and spent her adult life in San Francisco working at SFSU. She now lives in Seattle with Mom.  I keep her up to date on what's new in SF and she blows me away with stories from her childhood.  Believe me, growing up on a ranch in rural Idaho was not easy.  When I told her about the changes to GG Park she was a bit shocked.  Her favorite place has changed radically, I think for the better.  The living roof is really cool.  Some of my fondest memories are of visiting the aquarium with her.  



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