Dan's Birthday ride

On Saturday 12/22 Dan Synder took a few brave souls from the DFL posse for a ride.  I think his birthday was on Tuesday?  Anyway, we saw zero people and no old bike tracks.  Yep an overlooked, single track heaven.  I could tell you where but the boys would throw me off the bridge!  We rode for hours, it was rad...    
single track redwood forestConditions changed some on the other side of the ridge, slickrock within a few hours (hint) of SF?  This part of the track was far more challenging, but oh so good.  
Single track dry sideEnglish "I never ride" Tom had a brand new CanHunter on it's virgin ride.  Normally Tom is grumpy and complains about everything.  But with his new ride, no whining, pure stoke.  
English Tom riding trackI guess Rick Hunter is going in a new direction with his MTB frames.  This is a prototype Tom is testing out.  Hunter making frames out of aluminium, who would have ever thought this day would come.  Tom reports that his CanHunter "totally shreds"

Tom's CanHunter

Tom's CanHunter close up
A parting shot, this is from our final descent, what a day!
Redwood forest descent

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