Pigeons roost for the night

The Pigeon tour was a fabulous success. The entire flock flew to Haypress Camp with only one flat tire. As usual there was a bunch of yummy food, fresh zucchini bread (Dylan), carrot cake (Kathleen), homemade pesto (Matt). We ate a ton and the crew guzzled all Kid C's beer in record time. Special surprise visit from the DFL Wed. Night Ride Posse. Not only that but Scotty P. showed up to wish everyone well. I dozed off around 12:30 watching the flickering lights of the city, and listening to owls call to each other in the trees overhead.

This is not 6th and Market before the street cleaners, its our table after dinner. Pretty scary huh.

Kid C was kind enough to bring a few extra for the slackers who couldn't carry their own.

Chris had the cleanest packing job. Not only that he was dumb enough to ride a single speed. He surprised us all by hammering the climb and beating even the mighty Chava.

I love this truck bike Rick is making. He told me he had few orders and we might see one on the streets of SF soon. I think Jason at De La Paz Coffee is going to start using one for delivery's. This one he made for the show. I was envious of the bucket because once we got to camp and unpacked Rick used it as a stool, now that's thinking.

Curious unpacking method...

Monsur is awesome, he has the best jokes. He also put together a slide show.

So...I was so excited about this Pigeon Tour that I felt compelled to bring a poem. I really wanted it to be something that would last and when casting about at my house this is what I found. I know, kinda heavy to lug all the way to Haypress Camp but what the hell it's a Pigeon tour!


The sun is setting in the west

my wings are weary and I need a rest

I have flown 400 miles or more

My body is tired, my mussels are sore

I'll go on and on to my loft

to where I will drop

I cannot stop I need to fly!

flying like the wind

flying to win

To be the best and beat the rest

I may arrive home a little thinner

but I'll be the winner

Until the next Pigeon...

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