So, Matt Feeney put together a Pigeon ride and invited me along. I spent the day before hurriedly digging out my touring gear and slapping everything on the bike. Because I'm touring Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming later this year I thought it would be interesting to have four bags on the bike. I don't plan on taking four bags this summer but I would at least like to see and feel what four bags are like in actual riding conditions. Up until now I have always run the bike Condor style with two small bags up front and one dry bag on the rear rack. This is my bike rigged for dirt touring Condor style.

I put on a front platform rack by Jandd. I think front platform racks are the way to go and wish I had the Nitto Big Front Rack but alas I'm a student and can't afford the fancy stuff. Of course the ultimate would to be to have another Feeney rack for my touring bike, but first I need a real touring bike! Anyway, here is what the rig looks like for the Pigeon tour. If your wondering this is my Hunter CX bike that I have pressed into service as a touring rig. As with all my Hunter bikes it preforms flawlessly but it is not designed for this and I would love to have a real touring rig someday soon. Hopefully in time for this summers escapades.

I brought tons of stuff, essentially what I would bring on a real tour. Dumb as a box of hammers? You bet, I'm feeling crazy with anticipation for this summers adventure and felt like being ridiculous. I also added a few dumber than dumb items, more on that later...

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