Winter break reading update.

It's winter break and I'm looking for a new book to read.  No more textbooks and studying for tests just pure reading bliss.  My buddy Mike Johnson, recommend "Columbine" by Dave Cullen (NYT review here).  I tried but unfortunately I couldn't get into it.  Cullen writes well and the story of how the two boys came to attempt a domestic terrorist attack is compelling but... depressing as all get out.  When my attention starts to drift I follow the great Nancy Pearl's advice.  She says, "if your not liking what your reading by 50-100 pages, PUT IT DOWN."  Her point it that with so many good books to read, don't waste your time on something you not enjoying.

Did you know she has a action figure.  How many librarians do you know with their own action figure?  Crazy right..  It sits at my desk on a shelf and reminds me to read!

Well, I'm off to my local book store to find something else to read, I'll keep you posted.  

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