Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

I finished "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell and am enthralled with this author.  In June I read a review of his new book in the NYT Magazine and having never heard of him but curious from the postive review purchased and read "Cloud Atlas."  Boy am I glad I did!  And you should to, here is what my mom (a career librarian) said after taking my advice and reading "Cloud Atlas."
"What an amazing tour-de-force!  Mitchell is a really talented writer to be able to write so                    convincingly in different voices and in different genres.  I was pretty confused initially, since I couldn't figure out how everything was related (and I don't think I know that yet), but I got swept away by his storytelling.  I think the overriding theme is the cruelty and power-hungriness of individuals and the soul-numbing effects of corporations.  Even so, the actions of brave individuals can have a positive effect on those around them, even if the world as a whole is still an awful place.  I think it's sort of a call to action, even in the face of overwhelming odds."

Still not convinced?  How about reading what Michiko Kakutani thinks of his latest book, "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet." 

In case you need help recognizing "Cloud Atlas" when perusing the used section at your local bookstore.

Trust me on this one, your going to love it... Just in case your still on the fence here are a few more reviews

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V said...

Agreed - Mitchell is a wizard who transports us thrilling universes faster than you can say "Na-ga-sa-ki"....Just finished reading "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet", awesome book. I think the last writer who transported me so quickly into their pages was Forster, DeLilo, Lawrence, Foer...