The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Comes To America

I enjoyed reading Steig Larsons Millennium trilogy last winter.  Much of what I enjoyed about the books centered around how awesome the character Lisbeth Salander is.  In the Swedish movie adaptation of Larson's books Noomi Rapace is nothing short of amazing.   She looks and acts just like I would imagine Lisbeth to be.  So that brings me to what is happening now, an American film version.  All I can think is "oh shit, this is going to suck." I hear Daniel Craig is going to play Mikael Blomkvist, ughh... We'll have to wait and see what the movie is like but we can get a glimpse of what the American version of Lisbeth is going to look like.  W magazine shows us Rooney Mara in her role as Lisbeth Salander, check it out below...

Swedish movie version promo shot, Lisbeth Salander!

Nommi Rapace discusses the character Lisbeth Salander

Edit:  If you have read Larson's books you'll get a kick out of this piece from a recent New Yorker, The Girl Who Fixed The Umlaut. 

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