Winter Break Reading Continued

I always look forward to school breaks because I can read for pleasure instead of stressing with my head buried in a textbook.  My goal was to read as much as possible during the frenzied activity of winter break.  Here are the latest two books I have read.

"The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11" written by Lawrence Wright.  Wright tells the story of how we came to the tragic events of 911.  The author is able to condense the information in a readable and informative way that is easy to connect with.  Be warned you will finish this book frustrated and angry due to the knowledge that our leaders really screwed up.  We don't need to be fighting in Afghanistan and 9/11 was preventable.  Wright received a Pulitzer Prize for "The Looming Tower" and I think you'll find it a valuable book to read. 

"Where Men Win Glory" Written by John Krakauer.  It's hard to say this because I have enjoyed so many of Krakauer's other books but.... I thought Where Men Win Glory kind of sucked.  The most alarming response while I was reading this was how I struggled to like the character Pat Tillman.  I just couldn't figure it out.  Tillman is smart and caring with strong moral character, all are quality's I admire in someone.  It is only in the short excerpts from Tillman's journal that I got a good sense of who he was.  It wasn't until reading Melinda's review that I got it.  Krakauer just didn't have enough depth in his material to really pull this one off.  His adoration for the "myth" of Tillman makes for a frustrating read.  Maybe because I had just finished reading "The Looming Tower" and am so pissed off by the lies and deciet from the Bush administration that caused the war in Afghanistan.  Tillman's death was just so useless and everything about the war could have been avoided with first class leadership instead of the bullshit the American people received.  I say skip it you not missing anything.  

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