Often I dream of a seriously epic backpacking trip.  A lifetime achievement, a trip where you can lean back put your feet up and with confidence know you had meet the ultimate challenge.  Well this is such a trip and more... Never have I seen such an amazing journey.  The idea, the execution, and general badassery is off the charts!  Prepare for awesomeness defined.  Below is a sampler with a link at the end.  I recommend having at least a half hour and a good cup of coffee when you click thru at the end.  This is the best you'll ever see...

The dudes

The route, thats right alaska baby!

Deep in the wilderness.

They walked untouched valleys

Crossed unnamed glaciers

Floated the wildest rivers imaginable. 

By the numbers:
Size of Wrangell St Elias NP and Preserve: 13,200,000 acres or 20,587 square miles
Distance traveled: 430 miles: ~220 miles on land and ~210 floating
Time: 33 days: 25 on foot / 8 paddling
Distance on-trail: 0 
Resupplies: 3
Bears: 14 
Other park visitors: 0
Jars Nutella eaten: 5
Gallons olive oil used: 0.7
Hours of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) performed: 1.2
Width of tent space space, per individual: 15”
Width of foam sleeping pads: 20”

Check out the journey here, not a single thing sucks.  It's pure mind, muscle, and magic. You guys are my heros!

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