Big Red by Rick Hunter

Rick Hunter crafts magnificent riding equipment. His bicycles are finely wrought and imbued with powers far beyond what one can imagine.  When I first rode Big Red I recalled a chapter from the Iliad where Achillies receives his new set of amour from Hephaestus.  Achilles goes on to destroy the Trojan army, I plan on riding a ton of remote dirt roads and trails.  Big Red is an awesome dirt touring machine. Thank you Rick!

Big Red X 2

Natural Habitat

Big Reds new neighborhood

A few close up shots of Big Red at Daniel's blog:
Pushing The Pedals

To see more of Rick Hunter's craftsmanship and the best damm bicycles on earth check him out at:
Hunter Cycles

1 comment:

rik van hooydawg said...

hell yeah !!!
you gotta find a new shifter for that thing...
wish I could go riding with you..