Big Red Shakedown Ride

Pigeoned up and took Big Red for a shakedown ride this week.  I wound up stealth camping on the West peak of Mt Tam.  What a fantastic view I heartily recommend it.  When climbing Railroad Grade from Mill Valley I always stop for water and to enjoy the view from the West Point Inn.  They have small cabins you can rent and stay the night and 6 times a year they have a pancake breakfast that is spectacular.  Check out the info for cabins and such here.

Photo by Leor Pantilat
The view just keeps getting better!
Photo by Leor Pantilat
Bid Red on Railroad Grade just above West Point Inn.  This set up is the way I'll be traveling on my upcoming tour with Mike J. minus the fenders.  I'll probably change out the tires as well they are really heavy and I can feel them robbing me of momentum.

I arrived just after sunset and settled in for the night.  Looking North from West peak of Mt Tam. 

A warm and quiet night with owls hooting and the city lights off in the distance.  Part of me was hoping that I'd be devoured by raccoon's so I wouldn't have to do my upcoming tour with Mike J.  Now that he subsists on hobbit dingleberries and thinks Grant Peterson is God I'm hesitant to go out into the woods with him.  Below is from a few years ago (on West Peak of Tam) before he moved to Portland and got weird.
Inevitable equipment discussion.  I have completely changed my sleeping setup.  This is the fist test of it and I think it's going to be good.  Montbell pillow, NeoAir pad, and Montbell #3 UL Super Stretch bag. I'm curious how this equipment holds up during my coming adventures.  

In the morning I dropped down into Fairfax and had breakfast with my buddy Mark.  We are attending the same nursing school and have become friends.  I headed out towards the coast and it was so HOT that I wound up jumping in at the Inkwells swimming hole. 

A random sign sighted when leaving Fairfax.  Cute!

Hwy 1 was all time with clear skies and a decent tailwind.  Randomly on the way home I bumped in to Daniel and Bruce who had been out camping as well.  Both are very friendly and interesting people we stopped for a celebratory drink once we got back into the city.  Daniel has been on some epic tours and he leaves for another one in three weeks.  Check him out at Pushing The Pedals

Daniel the big guy with the huge bike. 

Bruce from Oakland country. 



Anonymous said...

Dylan, you know as well as I that Grant isn't God. God is that weird gnome on the recumbent that we saw on MacKenzie Pass a few years ago.


rik van hooydawg said...

yeah dude..
are you stoked or what ?
those tires are tough as nutz !! don't regret taking them many flats have you had so far ?